❝I want to explain how exhausted I am. Even in my dreams. How I wake up tired. How I’m being drowned by some kind of black wave.❞
- Elizabeth Wurtzel, Prozac Nation  (via namnarae)

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Don’t worry about future

Enjoy today!

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all I wanna do when I wake up is steal a lot of food from d hall, come back to my room and eat while watching Netflix, catch up on art homework, start studying for my sociology exam, continue reading Looking for Alaska, be lazy, dress mad comfortable but have my makeup be spot on, run and take a nice shower, lotion my body properly, refill my cigarette case.

basically I don’t wanna leave my room at all tomorrow and just stay inside and be comfortable

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Finale at Dior Homme S/S 2011


14 s/s trwa collection

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